BORDEAUX TRAM HISTORY : History of the tramway of bordeaux in Gironde France.

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 History of the tramway of bordeaux

This is the history of the tram and tramway from bordeaux

Before 1900 in Bordeaux, we had the horse-drawn streetcar that was a carriage drawn by two horses. The electric streetcar made ​​its first apparaition in the years 1900-1920. It is unclear why tell you for now but it ceased its activity 7 December 1958. Should we assume that the cars of the era became priority on this means of transportation?

2001, the city of Bordeaux begins the development of Bordeaux.2005 tram, the tram travels through an electrical system ground, respects the environment and fails often enough but there are definite improvements.

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hyppomobile bordeaux
tramway bordeaux



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