HISTORY OF THE HISTORIC SITES OF BORDEAUX : History of the Sainte-Catherine Street in Bordeaux France.

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 History of the Place du Parlement at bordeaux

This is the history of the place du parlement from bordeaux

rue sainte catherine This longest shopping street of Bordeaux became pedestrian in 1977. Near the place of comedy was the Médoc door that was destroyed in 1772. She was always frequented. Formerly, butchers and tripe of Bordeaux had no right to sell their goods elsewhere. Millers came there to bring their flour from the mills of the "jalles" Blanquefort and surroundings.

The construction of the Bordeaux gallery was begun in 1833 by the leadership of its architect Durand and opened its gates to the public in 1834. At the time, there were four owners arriving from Mexico where they fled the Revolution: La Torre, Yrigoyen, and Gimet Caillavet.

Walking down the street, then we can find the chapel of St. Catherine, inaugurated in 1048 by the Knights of Malta. Formerly, this Chapel was bathed in the mud of a semi-aquatic Bordeaux. To prevent people from being dirty, it would pave the ground in front of the building but lacked the resources to carry out the work, we sold the furniture of the place.

Many famous people who lived over the years, this must-street: Saige, the attorney general, mayor in 1791, the architect Thiac, Peixotto, Montesquieu, the painter Gaultier.

At the time of the Fronde, the St. Catherine was a real battlefield. Both parties then existing in Bordeaux: the "Ormistes" (they supported the insurgency against Mazarin under the leadership of their chief Dureteste) group and the "Real meaning" (people of Red Hat and St. Remi who represented the side of order and peace). The death toll was 400 dead.

Today the St. Catherine street with its 1.2 km is the longest shopping street in Europe.

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