BORDEAUX DISTRICT HISTORY : History of the Saint-Michel district of Bordeaux in Gironde France.

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 History of the Saint-Michel District of bordeaux

This is the history of the Saint-Michel district from bordeaux

Saint-Michel district of Bordeaux City The Saint-Michel, built around the late Gothic basilica dedicated to the archangel, the district is the liveliest and most colorful of the city. A market is held on Monday and Saturday morning under the arrow, stores and shops all around maintain a popular animation picturesque Bordeaux that poets have always sought, Meste Verdié Despaux or Ulysses. The flat-bottomed barges loaded with cargo timber of the Quercy, Gascony or Rouergue, cast anchor at the bottom of St Michael, Wood landed workshops which supplied the street Carpenteyre carpenters, coopers Street Fusterie. Iron was worked by blacksmiths and gunsmiths in the Rue des Faures. Salt, stored Salinières dock, was used for drying grounds of fish and meat from the established street Rousselle. Craftsmen, sailors of all countries, porters, loafers, bourgeois coexisted, competed, the regrattières, merchant of four seasons, shouted at you in passing in their language full of flavor but formidable. They sang, they played cards and drank in the many cabarets "and served in pint pot."

The triangle Saint Michael's Church, Capuchin market, Gare Saint Jean is a poor neighborhood. It has long was the headquarters of the excluded and imigrés. The official discourse of the city speaks of wealth in color, people who lived here were indeed of all colors, but united in the same poverty. Nowadays with the renovation of the Saint Michel and market the Capuchins, it seems there is a willingness to erradiquer poverty of the area but can only move a little further ...
The Capuchins are a large covered market. With the many deliveries of fresh produce, this is a place full of activity where there is still little we could find work for a Matiné time to unload shipments of new products. In 1999, the market was stopped, completely demolished and rebuilt.
The Saint-Michel district has for center the Saint-Michel tower. Historical building the highest of Bordeaux with its spire rising to 114 meters. In summer the tower is open to the public, the rest of the year ... Stairs can mount up to 50 meters above the ground, there was a complete view of the city of Bordeaux.

In the basement of the tower were found several years ago a series of mummies arranged in a macabre dance. Nobody knows what is these mummies.
The Basilica of Saint-Michel is not to be outdone, located ready for the tower is impressive by its size. The square of the district has long held a regular market, where you can find all things and above all it is better to ignore the source.

The center Andre Malraux is a building with a view of modernity. It could be very nice if pollution of exhaust gases due to the proximity of the docks had not blackened facades. The center André Malraux Several Vocation. One of the latter is to be a pole of culture. Thus we find in it the Bordeaux Conservatoire. Is played regularly plays and / or concert. In addition, many rooms are used for meetings of all kinds. Since it was built for the bullfighters work integration of this building to Elyseum, but until now the marquis always opposed.

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