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Submarine base

boulevard Alfred-Daney
Bordeaux Tel : 05 56 11 11 50
Fax : 05 56 39 94 45

The former submarine base of Bordeaux is a cultural, tourist and fun! it brings together: the permanent collections (like the history of the base or that of the pleasure of Aquitaine) and temporary exhibitions and a new presentation of the collection of boats. But also two new divisions: event space to house all sorts of events and a cultural space made ​​available for theater and dance companies for their rehearsals.
Built during the war, this building entirely of concrete is cold and wet in the north of Bordeaux at the end of the industrial zone A. Daney.


boulevard Alfred-Daney
Bordeaux Tel - Fax : 05 56 50 06 14

Housed in an old barge traveling, evokes the history of maritime and river of Bordeaux (ship models, figureheads and ornamentation naval) through temporary exhibitions.

Museum of Chartrons

41 rue Borie
Bordeaux Tel : 05 57 87 50 60
Fax : 05 56 79 10 98

Housed in the old eighteenth century house of a wine merchant, presents scenes bottling, labeling collections of the nineteenth century.


12 cours du Médoc
Tel : 05 56 39 53 02
Fax : 05 56 39 19 51

75 wax figures, costumes, tell, in the form of scenes with sound, the history of Bordeaux wine.

Activities: course to wine tasting.

Cap Sciences

Hangar 20 - Quai de Bacalan
Tel : 05 56 01 07 07
Fax : 05 57 85 93 81

Entertainment center and exhibition for the discovery and understanding of major scientific issues, technical innovation, research and industry.

CAPC : Museum of Contemporary Art

Entrepôt - 7 rue Ferrère
Tel : 05 56 00 81 50
Fax : 05 56 44 12 07

It is installed in a building from the early nineteenth century, the Colonial Warehouse in real commodity, which housed the exotic goods of which the port of Bordeaux was then trading. It brings together a remarkable collection of over 600 works by nearly 100 artists: French painting in the 70s, 80s and paint a section on creating the current generation.
Activities: Guided tours, lectures, educational activities, bookshop ...

Casa de Goya

Institut Cervantes
Tél : 05 56 52 79 37
Fax : 05 56 81 40 71

Francisco Goya lived in exile in Bordeaux from 1824 to his death in 1828.

Museum of Aquitaine

20 cours Pasteur

The current Museum of Aquitaine to the distant ancestor Lapidary Museum created around 1783 by the Academy of Bordeaux at the request of the steward Dupre de Saint-Maur in order to collect the Roman remains uncovered by the important work Planning began in the sixteenth century, mainly in the eighteenth century. Forgotten, the Lapidary Museum is reorganized and transferred in 1960 in the south wing of City Hall, during Albret. In 1962, at the instigation of Georges-Henri Rivière, creator in 1937, the Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires and initiator of many French museums, the city of Bordeaux decided to transform the originally intended Archaeological Museum in a lapidary museum history, archeology and ethnography regional: it receives the official title of Musee d'Aquitaine. However, the limited space available to it, being Albret, does not allow the development of its collections. Also, in 1970, the municipality is considering the installation of Bordeaux Aquitaine Museum on the site, during Pastor, the former Faculty of Arts and Sciences, inaugurated in 1886. Many projects are under consideration until 1979 where it was decided to retain the existing building, designed by architect Pierre-Charles Durand, while rearranging the different interior spaces in which the museum's needs and requirements of a modern museum would find satisfaction. With the exception of the facade, the monumental entrance hall, two staircases of honor and two courtyards, the building has been completely redesigned to benefit the museum. The building has four levels which 5,000 m² are devoted to permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions 1000 m² and 4500 m² reserves. Open to the public since 1987, the Musée d'Aquitaine is located in the heart of the city, near the Place Pey-Berland and the Cathedral. The richness of its collections, visitors can relive the history of Bordeaux and its region, from prehistory to the present day and emphasizes the links of this city and its hinterland with overseas. Each object in one way or another, evokes regional history. It is important to recall events that took place in Aquitaine, but also to present the changing lifestyle of its people over time (urban planning and architecture, daily life, commerce and industry, intellectual life, rituals funerary and religious). Pieces of first class objects found alongside more common: they are all documents presented for what they tell us. But by the time history, with such a Bronze Hercules the second century AD, shows imports between Rome and Aquitaine, but also the grace of timeless masterpieces.

Museum of Decorative Arts

39 rue Bouffard
Tél : 05 56 00 72 50
Fax : 05 56 81 69 67

Housed in a beautiful mansion of the eighteenth century., Built by the Bordeaux architect Etienne Laclotte for the Marquis de Lalande, this museum has collections of furniture, ceramics, glassware, jewelry, metalwork. The history of Bordeaux in the eighteenth century is evoked by a collection of memorabilia from the collection royalists Jeanvrot.
Activities: exhibitions, conferences, workshops for children, restaurant, tea room.

National Center Jean Moulin

Place Jean Moulin
Tél : 05 56 10 19 90
Fax : 05 56 44 66 04

The center offers collections devoted to the Second World War, resistance and free French forces.
A special tribute was paid to Jean Moulin with the reconstitution of its clandestine office.

Customs Museum

1 place de la Bourse
Tél : 05 56 52 45 47
Fax : 05 56 44 82 46

Housed in the old store clearance from the Hotel du Roy Farms, this museum traces the history of the First Customs in France through archival documents, uniforms and weapons, models and tools of.

Natural History Museum

5 place Bardineau
Bordeaux Tél : 05 56 48 26 37
Fax : 05 56 01 28 59

Wide variety of specimens of the animal world, minerals and fossils.
Activities: exhibitions, conferences, educational workshops.

Museum of Fine Arts

20, cours d’Albret
Bordeaux Tél : 05 56 10 17 18
Fax : 05 56 44 98 16

It houses an extensive collection of old paintings, a wide array of Italian painters, Dutch, Flemish seventeenth century.
Activities: Guided tours, lectures, educational activities, library, sales counter.

Museum of Printing Trades

10 rue Fort-Louis
Tél : 05 56 92 61 17

Since the Printing Museum opened in 1987 everyone can admire the machinery of the book, three areas are organized to work before the public: typography, lithography and bookbinding.

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Museum of the CUB


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