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Holidays Arcachon
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Arcachon - Cap-Ferret


The city of Arcachon is the administrative center of the bay of Arcachon and count not less than 14 985 inhabitants.
The inhabitants are called the "arcachonais" of the name of the city, the department is 33.

The bay is known as sea resort offering a unique environment, it consists of an area of salt water situated in Landes of Gascony, in Gironde, between the cities of Teste-de-Buch to the South, Lege-Cap-Ferret on the West and the delta of Leyre in the East.
The bay is of triangular shape, bounded by more than 80 km of flat coast or woody dunes..
In the center of the bay is the "Birds Island" and its tchanquées huts.

Travel and Holidays Arcachon : Hotel, fly, castle, history...

Fully guide on the bay of Arcachon : Hotel, shelters, cottages, bed and breakfast, campings, restaurants. Season renting.

This Arcachon tourism guide will help you in your holidays destination in south-west of France. Whether it belongs to Arcachon (region of fine sand beaches) or to Libourne (region of the wine)...

To see in Arcachon - Patrimony :

Pyla Dune, the lighthouse of Cap-ferrest, Birds Island, "tchanquees" huts, winter city, park of the Moresque casino, the pinnaces.

The region of the bay of Arcachon Is divided into several municipalities...

Lège-Cap-Ferret, Arès, Andernos-les-Bains, Gujan-Mestras, La Teste de Buch, Arcachon, Pyla-sur-Mer, Le Teich, Biganos, Audenge, Lanton.



Hello and welcome to our bay guide, our tourist region is going to make you like its landscapes and its peace of mind.
Fish farming, oyster farming, nature reserve, white sand beach, such are the ingredients of the landscape.
This guide is also there to present you a card of the unforgettable holidays which you will spend in Arcachon.

Hotels Arcachon, holidays cottages Arcachon, Campings Arcachon, Bed and Breakfast Arcachon, restaurants Arcachon, commerces, sortie.